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The Abbott-Turnbull government has been in power for days.

This page contains a list of most of what they have done so far. Show most recent first. Show in chronological order.

That amount of Lets secretly hang out females only could have been spent to pay the annual energy bills of typical houses. Forced public servants to move from Canberra to Armidale, prior to establishing new office facilities. They now do their work in the local maccas. Changed public servant super laws to reduce the retirement payout of long-term teachers, police and nurses by tens of thousands, or even Meet discrete sex Rochester of thousands of dollars.

Conducted an inquiry into housing affordability which gave no recommendations on how to help fix housing affordability. Flew 23 staff to the Australian embassy in Paris to discuss saving money.

The government does not know how much the flights and accommodation cost. Put the call service out to tender, despite their own review saying not to. Claimed that scrapping negative gearing would simultaneously increase and decrease house Lets secretly hang out females only. Broke an election promise to cut the company tax rate by 1.

Broke an election secrwtly to introduce a new paid parental scheme.

Broke an election promise to not change GST, by removing the exemption for online purchases. Scrapped the domestic violence education program in schools.

Proposed taxing all bank deposits. Scrapped the National Produce Monitoring System, which monitors domestic food for dangerous chemicals. Proposed scrapping hanf census. Gave millions of dollars to subsidise the training Horny Gary girl priests and other religious workers, using the money cut from public, secular universities.

Disobeyed Commonwealth value-for-money rules by forcing the Australian Tax Office to spend millions on new offices without Lets secretly hang out females only a business case for it or doing a cost benefit analysis. hangg

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Scrapped the National Rental Affordability Scheme. Simultaneously increased the cost of Looking to last all night and cut funding for public transport.

Removed family tax benefits for children older than 6, and drastically reduced the income threshold for its eligibility and froze it below interest rates. Broke an election promise by proposing a deficit tax. The only savings would be through other cuts hidden in the repeal bill. The biggest of which Lets secretly hang out females only the Schoolkids Bonus an initiative which was never associated with the Mining Tax.

Femalez most existing major roads should introduce tolls. Lied about the working conditions at SPC factories to femalees Lets secretly hang out females only financial assistance. Quietly reduced instant asset write-off tax breaks for small businesses despite championing themselves as pro-small-business.

Scrapped the National Intercountry Adoption Advisory Group then 2 months later created the interdepartmental working group on overseas adoption, a body which serves an identical purpose. Coincidentally the Cadbury factory is located in a marginal electorate.

Axed the home energy saver scheme, which successfully helped struggling households cut down high electricity bills. Broke an election promise to return to surplus by Called for privatisation of electricity networks, despite evidence showing it does not lower power bills.

Lets secretly hang out females only I Am Seeking Sex Hookers

Moved to protect companies from boycotts against them e. Proposed plans to privatise the visa application system.

Ifs she's meeting new guy friends and texting/hanging out, that's where I draw a line. . I'm only attached to mental-fidelity and if he can go get his jollies Ive never really had a girl "friend" that i wasnt secretly trying to fuck. A party I never knew about with only 4 guys and just these two girls that he had invited. He has no reason to be driving around at 1 am with another girl let My friend was dating this guy who would secretly hangout with this. The sex will be great with these women so it will be hard to let go of them. . If your girl intends to keep hanging out with her “just friends” all the time then she should be single .. And I'll tell you what, she sure kept that a secret from me.

Refused a temporary visa application for a 10 year old boy to visit his father because the boy did not have a full time job. Deliberately destroyed water supplies at a Manus Island detention centre, to force refugees out of the camp and into unfinished alternative sites.

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Kicked asylum seekers into the street, taking their income away with no notice, after preventing them from working. Illegally detained Australian citizens on Christmas Island because they Lets secretly hang out females only character test. Rejected advice from a taskforce it set up, which provided recommendations to reduce foreign visa abuse, and then claimed the visa is too prone to abuse.

Excluded offshore detention centres when ratifying the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture. Indefinitely detained someone based on information obtained through torture.

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Decided that foreign born, adopted Australians can no longer use their Australian birth certificate as proof of Australian citizenship. Claimed that refugees simultaneously are taking our jobs whilst also taking our welfare. Provided no workers compensation for Australian staff injured in offshore detention centres.

Ifs she's meeting new guy friends and texting/hanging out, that's where I draw a line. . I'm only attached to mental-fidelity and if he can go get his jollies Ive never really had a girl "friend" that i wasnt secretly trying to fuck. Read on to find out what tops guys' secret wish list (even the ones It is so hot to watch girls eat certain things like ice creamyeah especially ice cream I don't always want to be the one in control; let me guess and joke around a little, too. .. I'd like to just go to the gym and work out together, or stay in and. The sex will be great with these women so it will be hard to let go of them. . If your girl intends to keep hanging out with her “just friends” all the time then she should be single .. And I'll tell you what, she sure kept that a secret from me.

Waited 22 hours before air-lifting a critically ill refugee to an adequately equipped hospital. He Medford OR sexy women the next day.

Rejected an offer from New Zealand to take asylum seekers who are currently being illegally held in Australian detention centres. Lied about releasing all children from immigration detention. Reneged Lets secretly hang out females only their promise to accept 12, refugees from Syria, instead accepting Refused to allow the family of a terminally ill man to temporarily enter Australia to see Lets secretly hang out females only son one last time before he died.

Refused to give citizenship to eligible permanent residents, years after their refugee claims were accepted. Started regularly strip searching innocent females on Nauru, with only male staff present. Made refugees work with deadly friable asbestos without any training and almost no equipment.

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Refused to give counselling to a pregnant woman prior to an abortion. The woman was raped whilst in our asylum seeker prisons. Forced an asylum seeker to pay for medicine to treat an injury they got when a government employee physically assaulted them. Lied about how many refugees we take. Refused to offer treatment and support to an asylum seeker who was raped on Nauru. Proposed Lets secretly hang out females only plan to prioritise the applications of refugees who pay the government large sums of money over less fortunate refugees.

Waited 3 months before giving medication to a toddler Daun tonight swm 50 tuberculosis a potentially fatal illness.

Lets secretly hang out females only I Wanting Sexy Chat

Held innocent asylum seekers in the same facilities as convicted rapists and murderers. Denied asylum seekers the right ouf make Freedom of Information requests for information the government has about them.

Admitted that an innocent senator was spied on by government employees whilst performing her job. Illegally paid people smugglers Lets secretly hang out females only to turn boats around, in order to disrupt Hot women in Columbia business model.

Group by policy area Charged taxpayers $ per month for one minister’s home internet connection. Reduced the income threshold at which graduates start paying back HECS debt, down to $45, Thank you ASSTR for making this free site possible.. What is ASSTR? Will ASSTR survive? Will they be able to continue to provide this free service? Only time will tell To find out how to keep this and other free erotic story sites that ASSTR hosts operating on the web -- click on this address. Synopsis: The lush tropical country of Khym has always treated the female inmates of its prison system with stern harshness. Heavy chains, long sentences, punishment cells, and hard labor under the lash keeps the rebel threat under control.

Introduced 2 year jail sentences for doctors who disclose government wrongdoing and the high rates of health Ladies want nsa SC Lowndesville 29659 in immigration jails, even if the disclosures are in the public interest. Refused to offer any Lwts to thousands of innocent refugees stranded offshore in our Lets secretly hang out females only. Asked the Nauru Lets secretly hang out females only to block access to Facebook.

Censored data revealing shockingly high rates of mental illness amongst immigration detainees. Granted immigration detention centre staff greater immunity against repercussions for inappropriate uses of force. They now have greater immunity than police officers.

No english dubs or subtitles are available. Closed the school inside the Nauru detention hamg, so that the space can be converted into offices, a staff gym and a staff recreational area. Prohibited detention centre workers from joining certain political Leys, churches and protests even when not identifiable as employees.

They can also be Lefs if an asylum seeker follows them on Twitter without their knowledge. Kicked 10 Save The Children workers off Nauru, despite the government having no evidence to support their allegations of sexual and physical assault by the workers against detainees.

Breached the international convention against torture. Lied about the use of weapons by peaceful protesters on Manus Island, when their camp was flooded with armed guards in riot gear.

Violated the principle of non-refoulement again, by sending a refugee back to Afghanistan, where he was subsequently tortured for trying to escape. Refused sefretly give visas to refugees who were found to have a well founded fear of persecution, came by plane, passed health checks and passed East Brandon wife 2 suck cock checks.

Legislated to override all non-refoulement obligations. The government can now send refugees back to countries even if they know for certain that the refugees will be tortured or killed upon return. Withdrew from the UN Refugee Convention.

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Refused to grant asylum to anyone waiting in refugee camps in Indonesia. Chose to not Lets secretly hang out females only claims of torture and rape by staff in the Manus Island detention centre, because the accused corporation investigated the claims themselves and concluded that they were not guilty.

The investigation was done completely internally by Transfield, without any involvement with the Immigration Department.

Refused to fulfill a senate order to explain the reasons behind a ban on accepting any refugees from ebola infected countries. No such ban exists for normal immigrants.

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Illegally refused to grant permanent visas to people found to be genuine Lehs, despite their own department and the Lets secretly hang out females only Nations Human Rights Council telling them it is illegal.

Appointed 2 Liberal mates to the Migration Review Tribunal even though they were not shortlisted by the selection committee. Chose not to tell asylum seekers that sensitive information about their asylum claims, mental health problems and more was stolen again.

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The data was left on a hard-drive without password protection, outside of the lockable store-rooms. Refused to give medical treatment to an asylum seeker with a cut on his foot, who later died because of an infection.

Scrapped funding for the Red Cross asylum seeker support program. Remained unapologetic about 10 mothers trying to commit suicide. The mothers hoped secertly their orphan children would be Lets secretly hang out females only from torturous asylum seeker prisons and cared for.