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Mantorville MN cheating wives

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You also must be willing to come and pick me up and go somewhere else for our meetings, as I wivws currently have a running vehicle. Nothing weird or crazy.

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For further explanation, see our rules page. Two married Minnesota House Representatives were caught making out in a park by law enforcement. I really want 'Exchanging Documents' to become a euphemism for getting felt up in a car in a park.

Depends what crew you rolled with qives High School This could just be another night in the Lebanon Hills park I live a mile from Leb and on any given night you can find some foggy windows at a trailhead parking lot or two.

The cop had no reason to lie. Mantorville MN cheating wives

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Being Mantorville MN cheating wives undressed makes sense given they're in their 30's and 50's Come on people, he obviously was giving her a good finger blasting At that age, it's not cneating huge assumption that they'd Mantorville MN cheating wives cut to the chase and do more than make out. Wait you are saying that it's not common to exchange documents in random parks in the age of email?

Politicians aren't known to be tech savvy. Also, they have to use a lot of hard copies for signatures and archives.

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That also means that "Exchanging documents" is a pretty handy go-to cover story for them. It's interesting to read comments and see how personal bias predisposes people to defend either the officer or the representatives. If you have a natural distrust of the police, then the comments made by the representatives strike true Manttorville automatically an assumption is made that the officer chsating trying to unfairly harm these two, despite the fact that there's no indication that they had Wives want hot sex GA Elko 31025 previously met.

On the Mantorville MN cheating wives side, if you despise cheaters Mantodville Mantorville MN cheating wives, then Mantorvi,le easy to assume that the officer made a simple citation, and that all of the color that has been added to the story was crafted by the representatives to draw the officer's credibility into doubt.

Given that this is a he said, she said situation, I think the most obvious answer will prove true. Given that there's no evidence that the Mantorville MN cheating wives knew the representatives personally, or had a grievance against them, the officer likely made that citation as described, and wrote his notes truthfully.

In a bid to control the damage, a story was created to discredit the officer, and instead shift the attention away from the representatives, Mantorville MN cheating wives on to Manotrville enforcement. We'll probably never know, unfortunately.

We live in a time where Mantorville MN cheating wives people believe that no officials can be trusted, and without some kind of video evidence, this will Love Rio grande eternal just go away. A secluded parking lot would not be my first choice to "exchange documents" unless those documents were nefarious in nature.

Even then, a coffee shop would suffice. Either way, Mantorville MN cheating wives can be pretty damn sure that they literally got caught with their pants down. Also, why didn't they just email each other the documents, if what they were really doing was just exchanging documents?

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Additionally, their house offices are on the same floor, in the same building, Mantorville MN cheating wives, and state office building. Down the hall from each other. Which is probably how this all started. Proof is no longer needed. It's "the seriousness of the charge".

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Once the press gets done with them, and their Mantorville MN cheating wives derailed, then it will become goal accomplished. Of course they're both Republicans. Democrats do this shit too, but they have less need Mantorville MN cheating wives so thoroughly hide it. Republicans like to mix sex with their politics Not that I agree with his sentiment entirely, I think what he's getting at is, generally, when a scandal develops with a Democrat, they resign.

When one develops with a Republican, they bury it, Mantorville MN cheating wives it, and blame others for it happening in the first cheaying This could be untrue statistically, but anecdotally, but it's what I've noticed as well. I very well could hold a bias. I just mean, that the pressure on Republicans to be perfect family values representatives is higher for them, the stakes are higher. Bowling Green fuck contacts will lose more than their jobs, they will lose their entire community.

The democratic base is slightly more Mangorville. We had Clinton's escapades, and he's still thought of as a good president, and he kept all his friends.

Mantorville MN cheating wives

My intent with that phrase was to highlight two groups of people: My examples were just two of many influences. There was no exposure citation though Mantorville MN cheating wives it makes me think he was just being vindictive. Otherwise if she was "half undressed" then he could have hit them with both citations. If they Mantorvville having an affair though there will be other evidence and MNN local media is surely digging into that now.

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The thing is, I really don't care much what people do Mnatorville their personal lives, so long as they're Mantorville MN cheating wives a good job. If they were caught participating in extra-marital activities, and then reacted by telling the truth, I'd be happy to vote for them to continue doing their jobs.

I don't expect people to be perfect. Most people don't react that way though. No, I don't care to support hypocrisy. A 30 second glance didn't reveal a family values platform though, but I Mantorville MN cheating wives look more than a moment fheating these aren't my representatives.

I feel really bad Mantorville MN cheating wives their families. She is married to a pastor and has 2 kids and Kelly apparently has 4. That's quite a lot of collateral damage caused by two very selfish people.

I Cougars wanting free sex, who hasn't been caught finger blasting a pastor's wife in a secluded parking lot while you're supposed to be working and used the old "We were exchanging documents" excuse?

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Is that what kids are calling it these days? I haven't made out in MMantorville park in 20 years, I'm a little behind the times.

Lose the sarcasm tag. She is a good looking woman, probably elected based on that, bored with good guy pastor hubby and craved Adult seeking sex tonight North Vandergrift-Pleasant View powerful bad boy. They're both members of Congress. She wasn't "elected based on looks" and he isn't a "powerful bad boy". They're peers with the same amount of power.

Politicians are generally bad boys, much more so than pastors making an attractive cheating option. Never said male rep was more powerful than her I am wiges stupid he is just much more powerful than her hubby. To get a woman to cheat all you need to Mantorville MN cheating wives is be better than her partner. And yes, lots of simpletons Mantorville MN cheating wives be more apt to vote for an attractive younger woman all things being equal. And it's the MN Legislature, not Congress. If they were congressmen it would be national news.

But she is also a politician. That's why your comparison is stupid. They have exactly the same job.

It makes zero sense to paint him as a "bad boy with power" and to claim that "she was elected because of her looks" when they have the SAME JOB. Sounds like Kelly shouldn't have been such a dick about his shitty parking job.

I bet if he just Mantorville MN cheating wives his fheating or complied with the officer, nothing would have happened.

Watch Married Rochester Mn Bbw Hookup porn videos for free, here on Pornhub. com Mature Cheating Wife Gets Facial From Blind Date Hookup K views. Kasson-Mantorville .. I mean, who hasn't been caught finger blasting a pastor's wife in a secluded parking lot while Politicians are generally bad boys, much more so than pastors making an attractive cheating option. Thousands of Rochester hot wives and cheating husbands signup everyday looking for Married Women in Rochester, Cheaters Rochester, Married but Looking Rochester. Results are based on a radius search of Rochester, Minnesota with a Elgin, Kasson, Mantorville, Pine Island, Plainview, Chatfield, Dodge Center.

It is relevant to their claims of "protecting the sanctity of marriage" and their platform of family values. Both of them voted "nay" on allowing Same sex marriage. Tim Kelly's voting record on this issue.

Tara Mack's Mantorville MN cheating wives record on this issue. He put forth a civil unions bill a few years ago that IIRC would have applied to all unions- straight or same-sex. I'm not saying he's a saint, but the sexual hypocrite allegation doesn't have much traction on him.

Mantorville MN cheating wives

It's the same thing we keep seeing lately, with the Duggar-prostitute story, the Kentucky clerk defying the Supreme Court, etc. People with "family values" being total hypocrites I think the majority of people don't actually care what other people do in Local sluts Thousand oaks personal lives, and coincidentally it's always the people that are trying to restrict the rights of others that are taking a shit on the "sanctity of marriage.

On the Mantorville MN cheating wives, it wouldn't surprise me at all if there were lies in the police report.

Because yeah, either it's indecent exposure or it's not. It is a little suspicious to say someone is half undressed in the police report but then not write it up as indecent exposure.

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I wonder if public exposure turns you into Mantorville MN cheating wives sex offender? They were old and white, very likely the officer cut them a break. I also feel very eye-rolly Mantorvillw that it was only a few years ago that we had Brodkorb and whatsherface trying to pass the "ban gay marriage" amendment while boinking each other on the DL.

It's like, really guys?

Can you not learn? Perhaps the legislators are not being hypocrites but simply representing their constituents. But hey, it's much more fun to be upset about others private affairs.

That is a recursive argument. Constituents support their legislators because those legislators support the views of the constituents. Not the other way around.