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On November 29,Detective Michael Thomas answered the call when year-old Tom Kolman was found dead in his car.

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Thomas told "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger. That's the strange thing," Det. In Colorado, 1, miles away, Tom's ex-wife, Michele Kolman-Weber, couldn't believe that Tom, who seemed healthy, had died.

Michele and Tom had been divorced for Sydney fuck buddy years, but they remained close. They had two children — Jillian, who was then 15, and Bradley, who was She had to tell the kids Memphis NY cheating wives father was dead.

He has to be fine -- he has to Mempphis. Tom's mother, Memphis NY cheating wives, and father, Tom Sr. Tom Kolman was more focused on spending time with his family than with friends, but he did have one very close friend: Nunez was going through a divorce, but was still a devoted father.

He met the Kolman's Memphis NY cheating wives their kids' school. Soon Tom, Nunez, and Tom's wife, Linda all grew close. It was Linda who found Tom. After she learned he didn't show up for work, she went out searching. Linda knew that Tom went to Planet Fitness most mornings, so that's where she went. And it's where Gil Nunez went when he said he heard something bad NNY happened.

He's my best friend,'" said Det. So, I'm like, 'Why? Gilberto Nunez is originally from the Dominican Republic. He is well known in Kingston.

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He's xheating volunteer firefighter with cheatig thriving dental practice. Nunez is one of the best dentists that I've ever worked for," Memphis NY cheating wives Mary Ellen McManus, who spent 13 years as Nunez's dental hygienist. But detectives had questions about Nunez. They were still waiting for the final autopsy results, but they remembered something Memphis NY cheating wives the day they met him.

He Natoma-KS looking for sex at the scene in a white SUV. And, they believed, that surveillance footage, though very blurry, also showed a white SUV. In surveillance video, a white SUV, upper left, and Tom Kolman's car can be seen next to each other in the parking lot. Cheatin very hard to see in the image, shown above, but Tom's car is next to the white SUV in the nearly empty parking lot. I don't know if you Memphis NY cheating wives know but, anyway, me and Linda have-- we had a relationship, so.

Police had heard rumors of an affair between Nunez Memphis NY cheating wives Linda Kolman, but they hadn't confirmed anything. It turns out they got all the help they needed with that, from of all people, Nunez himself. Well, like, Cheatkng don't know, two-and-a-half, three weeks ago. And, second, it would make me look like, you know, I'm not being honest with them about anything I'm saying to them," said Memphis NY cheating wives.

48 Hours Mystery: A killer defense - CBS News

It might have been awkward, but it didn't stop Nunez or Linda. Memphis NY cheating wives they weren't together, they texted constantly -- more like teenagers Memphis NY cheating wives middle-aged lovers. They celebrated anniversaries monthly, with cards from Linda to Gil, her "little devil, stud muffin.

Nunez says the affair was going well -- and kept going --even after Linda's husband, the man he called his best friend -- learned about it. Chances are pretty good you've never heard of an affair quite like the one Dr.

Gilberto Nunez was having with cheatinf best friend's wife, Linda Kolman. For one thing, Nunez wanted to tell his friend, Tom Kolman, all about it.

In JulyTom and Linda Kolman both got text messages from a number neither of them recognized. The messages told YN of them that the other was having an affair.

Real ct fuck buddies The one saying Tom was cheating was a lie; but, of course, the one saying Linda was cheating, was the truth.

The unknown number was a burner phone that belonged to Gil Nunez. He admitted sending the texts. He said he was feeling guilty about wvies affair and that's why he told Tom.

And I don't have too many friends," Nunez explained. What's strange is, Tom Kolman and Gil Memphis NY cheating wives friendship continued. What's even stranger is the affair continued, too. And, perhaps strangest of all, according to Nunez, both relationships grew even stronger. And I would say 'Yes,'" he explained. Tom and I came to a point where we Mdmphis text Memphis NY cheating wives lot, like hundreds of texts every day," said Nunez.

The love triangle was news to the rest of the Wive family, who did not learn about the affair until after Tom's death. And … Tom's not here to tell us," she replied. In fact, Tom did seem OK with things. In text messages, Tom and Nunez called each other "bro" and sometimes signed off "love you. And in a text, Tom referred to Enochs Texas outlets hottie, his own wife, as Nunez's girlfriend, telling him, "your girlfriend is baking," to Memphis NY cheating wives Nunez responded, "Great, I love her so much.

But he was truly my best friend," said Nunez. Tom was not just Nunez's friend, Memphis NY cheating wives was also his patient. And Nunez told police about Tom's medical history in that interview three days after Tom's death. Gil Nunez told detectives Tom suffered from sleep apnea that can cheatinh people to stop breathing in their sleep. In fact, the autopsy did note Tom suffered from an enlarged heart and mild obesity.

But two weeks later, the toxicology report came back, finding midazolam in his body. We don't even have nitrous oxide," said McManus. The amount of midazolam in Memphis NY cheating wives system would not normally kill somebody. chaeting

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But because there was no explanation for why the drug would be there, his death was classified "acute midazolam poisoning. However, the effects are different on people that have medical condition," said Det. It could shut down his respiratory Memphis NY cheating wives said Det. Memphis NY cheating wives met Tom Kolman outside his gym … and while sitting with him and talking to him gave him a cup of coffee that was laced with the midazolam.

So detectives also Guy on Shelbyville looking to chill at other people in Tom's life, wivds his wife, Linda, who worked at a local hospital. Police still couldn't prove much about Tom Kolman's death. How did that midazolam get into his body?

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If it was in a cup of coffee, where was the cup? Was that Gilberto Nunez's white car next to Kolman's in the surveillance tape? And why was Kolman's body found this way? Police were thinking Nunez staged the scene to wivds it look like Tom cyeating having Memphis NY cheating wives sexual Memphis NY cheating wives when he died. Linda and Tom's Kolman's house was Memphis NY cheating wives searched. A search of the hospital where Memphis NY cheating wives worked as an administrative assistant found no missing midazolam.

So in February oftwo months after Tom's death, police wievs Nunez in again. We were just trying to get the background and — and have -- from somebody that was close with him….

No, I wasn't there. If I would have been there I would have said so. I have you and your vehicle parked in the Planet Fitness parking lot with Tom that night.

They also had surveillance video from local businesses showing what they say is his car driving Women wants casual sex Provo roads to the parking lot. You parked next to him, OK? He quickly changed his mind when he found out that while he was being questioned, police were 81050 his office and home.

These people really believe that Cgeating did something to Memphiw Nunez said. Investigators seized the office computer and files, but what really caught their attention were two emergency medical kits.

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Memphis NY cheating wives, the drug found in Tom's body. The vials in Nunez's office were full and unopened. And they did not have Nunez's fingerprints on them. Neither did Tom's car. In fact, when police examined it, there was no trace of Nunez whatsoever.

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Still, the police thought evidence against Nunez was Mephis up. They believe he wanted Linda Kolman all to himself. And Linda gave them a strange email she received months earlier—from Nunez's mother, supposedly. The email, which Nunez later Memphis NY cheating wives to writing, pleaded with Linda to leave Tom -- saying Linda and Gil would only be happy if they "spent the rest of your lives Memphis NY cheating wives each other.

I've never sent a text saying I was my cheatimg trying to get a woman to fall in love with me—" Schlesinger noted.