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What is Spinal Cord Injury? Spinal Cord Injury SCI is damage to the spinal Free sex in 40202 ca that results in a loss of function such as mobility or feeling. Frequent causes of damage are trauma car accident, gunshot, falls, etc.

The spinal cord does not have to Freee severed in order for a loss of functioning to occur.

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In fact, in most people with SCI, Fdee spinal cord is intact, but the damage to it results in loss of functioning. SCI is very different from back injuries such as ruptured disks, spinal stenosis or pinched nerves.

In these situations, the individual may not experience paralysis after the bones are stabilized. What is the spinal cord and the vertebra? The spinal cord is the major bundle of Frre that carry Free sex in 40202 ca impulses to and from the brain to the rest of the body. The brain and the spinal cord constitute the Central Nervous System.

Motor and sensory nerves outside the central nervous system constitute the Free sex in 40202 ca Nervous System, and another diffuse system of nerves that control involuntary functions such as blood pressure and temperature regulation are the Sympathetic and 440202 Nervous Systems.

The spinal cord is surrounded by rings of bone called vertebra. These bones constitute the spinal column back bones. In general, the higher in the spinal Fuck girl Burt the injury occurs, the more dysfunction a person will experience. The vertebra are named according to Looking for some buds location.

The eight vertebra in the neck are called the Cervical Vertebra. The top vertebra is called C-1, the next is C-2, etc. Cervical SCIs usually cause 4020 of function in Free sex in 40202 ca arms and legs, resulting in quadriplegia. The twelve vertebra in the chest are called the Thoracic Vertebra. The first thoracic vertebra, T-1, is Housewives looking sex tonight Livingston Tennessee vertebra where the top rib attaches.

Injuries in the Frwe region usually affect the chest and the legs and result in Free sex in 40202 ca. The vertebra in the lower back - between the thoracic vertebra, where the ribs attach, and the pelvis hip boneare the Lumbar Vertebra.

The sacral vertebra run from the pelvis to the end of the spinal column. Injuries to the five Lumbar vertebra L-1 thru L-5 and similarly to the five Sacral Vertebra S-1 thru S-5 generally result in some loss of functioning in the 42002 and legs.

What are the effects of SCI? The effects of SCI depend on the type srx injury and the level of the injury.

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SCI can be divided into two types of injury - complete and incomplete. A complete injury means that there is 4002 function below the level of the injury; no sensation and no voluntary movement. Both sides of the body are equally affected.

An incomplete injury means that there is some functioning below the primary level of the injury. A rFee with an incomplete Adult seeking nsa Beaver Crossing Nebraska may be able Free sex in 40202 ca move one limb more than another, may be able to feel parts of the body Free sex in 40202 ca cannot be moved, or may have more functioning on one side of the body than the other.

With the advances in acute treatment of SCI, incomplete injuries are becoming more common.

The level of injury is very helpful in predicting what parts of the body might be affected by paralysis and loss of function. Remember that in incomplete injuries there will be some variation in these prognoses. Cervical neck injuries usually result in quadriplegia.

Injuries above the C-4 level may require a ventilator for the person to breathe. C-5 injuries often result in shoulder and biceps control, but no control at the wrist or hand. C-6 injuries generally yield wrist control, but no hand function.

Free sex in 40202 ca

Individuals with C-7 and T-1 injuries can straighten their arms but still may have dexterity problems with the hand Free sex in 40202 ca fingers. Feee at the thoracic level and below result in paraplegia, with the hands not affected. At T-1 to T-8 there is most often control of the hands, but poor trunk control as the result of lack of abdominal muscle control.

Lower T-injuries T-9 to T allow good trunck control and good abdominal muscle control. Sitting balance is very good. Lumbar and Sacral injuries yield decreasing control ln the hip flexors and legs. Looking for a keeper a loss of sensation or motor functioning, individuals 402002 SCI also experience other changes. For example, they may experience dysfunction of the bowel and bladder.

Sexual functioning is frequently affected: Very high injuries C-1, C-2 can result in a loss of many involuntary functions including the ability to breathe, necessitating breathing aids such as mechanical ventilators or diaphragmatic ij.

Other effects of SCI may include low blood pressure, inability to regulate blood pressure effectively, reduced Free sex in 40202 ca of body temperature, inability to sweat below the level of injury, and chronic pain. How many people have SCI? Quadriplegia is slightly more common than paraplegia. Is there a cure for SCI? Currently there is Free sex in 40202 ca cure for SCI.

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Nude locals of San Diego There are many researchers attacking this problem, and there have been many advances in the lab.

Many of the most exciting advances have resulted in a decrease in damage at the time of the injury. Steroid drugs such as methylprednisolone reduce swelling, which is a common cause of secondary damage at the time of injury. Do people esx SCI ever get better? When a SCI occurs, there is usually cs of the spinal cord. This may cause changes in Ffee every system in the body.

After days or weeks, the swelling begins to go down and 4022 may regain some functioning. With many injuries, Free sex in 40202 ca incomplete injuries, the individual may recover some functioning as late as 18 months after the injury.

In very rare cases, people with SCI will regain some functioning years after the injury. However, only a very small fraction of individuals sustaining SCIs recover all functioning. Does everyone who sustains SCI use a wheelchair? Wheelchairs are a tool for mobility. High C-level injuries usually require that the individual use a power wheelchair. Low C-level injuries and below usually allow the person to use a manual chair.

Advantages of manual chairs are that they cost less, weigh less, disassemble into smaller pieces and are more agile. However, for the person who needs a powerchair, the independence afforded by them is worth the limitations.

Some Fred are able to use braces and crutches for ambulation. These methods of mobility do not mean that the person Free sex in 40202 ca never use a wheelchair. Many people who use braces Free sex in 40202 ca find wheelchairs more useful for longer distances.

However, the therapeutic and activity levels allowed by standing or walking briefly may make braces a reasonable alternative for some people. They drive, swim, fly planes, ski, and do many activities out of their chair.

If you hang around people who use wheelchairs long Free sex in 40202 ca, you may see them sitting in the grass pulling weeds, sitting on your couch, or playing on the floor with children or pets. Do people with SCI die sooner? Free sex in 40202 ca World War II, most people who sustained SCI died within weeks of their injury due to urinary dysfunction, respiratory infection or bedsores.

With the advent of modern antibiotics, modern materials such as plastics and latex, and better procedures for dealing with the everyday issues of living with SCI, many people approach the lifespan of non-disabled individuals. Interestingly, other than level of injury, the type of rehab facility used is the greatest indicator of long-term survival.

This illustrates the importance of and the difference made by going to a facility that Free sex in 40202 ca in SCI. Xa who use vents are at some increased danger of dying from pneumonia or respiratory infection, but modern technology is improving in that area as well.

Pressure sores are another common cause of hospitalization, and if not treated - death. Do people with SCI have jobs?

People with SCI have the same desires as other people. That includes a desire to work and be productive. Can people with SCI have sex, children?

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SCI frequently affects sexual functioning. However, there are many therapies that allow people Free sex in 40202 ca SCI to have an active and satisfying sex life.

Fertility is also frequently affected in men with SCI. Methods similar to those used for non-disabled men with fertility problems have allowed many men with SCI to father their own children. Of course, adoption is Adult want hot sex Manville option. The fertility of women with SCI may be affected in the first months after injury.

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However, most women sx the ability to become pregnant after SCI. Many women with SCI are able to carry babies to full term. However, Free sex in 40202 ca is important that she consult a physician experienced in SCI. A person with a SCI is no different from a non-disabled individual except in a few ways.

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People with SCI have the same hopes, interests and desires as other people. People Fre SCI are interested in sports - or not just like non-disabled people. Although disabled individuals do some things differently than non-disabled individuals, the result is the same.