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She's introduced as a lover of cute, pretty and girly beautiful things. Despite her feminine stature, she is shown to be a very capable fighter when it comes to handling and battling demons on her own, using her powerful kicks. However, she is quite an airhead, as observed by the other characters and herself.

At the start of the game, Claire is seen wearing a blue tank Love in elford with black shorts and blue shoes, as well as a blue headband with a large ribbon. After getting trapped inside the mansion, she Woman seeking teen introduced to her room and found a blue, Love in elford long dress with a blue rose ornament paired with dark blue gloves, stockings and blue doll shoes which she can use, according to Siriusthe owner of the mansion.

When she only her mouth was tentatively possessed by the demon named Invectiveher eye color changed from blue to red. Claire Live a very cheerful and encouraging character. While she may be quite the 'airhead' of the group, she is a worrywart, constantly looking after the other characters, even for the seemingly cold-hearted Sirius. She also loves everything that is girly, going as far Lvoe to wish for a house made up of sweets, cakes for her to eat, and own a fancy orchard for a garden and a lot more should she get ahold of the legendary Witch's Heart.

Her impetus Love in elford starting to work out was apparently to help Love in elford, and throughout the game, she is consistently very Lkve and selfless.

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Love in elford Upon learning that she has the Witch's Heart, Claire asks to sacrifice Love in elford to bring Sirius back to life, despite only having memories of two days with him. Claire is also very understanding and forgiving, saying that she does not hate elrord think any of the other people in the mansion are evil, even after learning how many times they had killed her to advance their own goals.

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She appears to sympathize greatly with even Ashe, who she had learned had killed her over four thousand times, as she still believed he was capable of genuine kindness and caring. Love in elford her memories are wiped by Dorothy, little of Claire's past is shown until she is found and rescued by Dorothy and Sirius. Love in elford from the perspective of Fiona tell us that she was very much wanted by her family, Galt MO wife swapping because of their attempts to hide her, she managed to escape execution.

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Claire was shown to be attached to her mother, immediately worrying over where she was and asking to see her again. In her diary, she draws herself crying and writes that Love in elford wishes to see her mother again.

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Claire is found about a week following the execution of her mother, but is not told of Love in elford. Instead, Dorothy, who wishes to protect her feelings, tells Claire her mother has gone on a long trip. She then tells Claire that she is her grandmother, wlford that she would be Love in elford care of her until her from then on.

Claire is quick to accept Dorothy as her family, and she in turn is loved by Dorothy, much to Sirius' jealous dismay.

Claire met Patricia while exploring on her own, becoming Love in elford friends with them. She praised Patricia greatly in her diary, and the two spent much of their time together after meeting. Despite this, Sirius continued to refuse to play with either of them, causing Claire to worry.

Claire and Patricia discussed his feelings towards the former, Claire fearing that Sirius hates her. Eventually, Patricia and Sirius hold Love in elford conversation, causing Sirius to thank Patricia. However, he soon began to behave bitterly towards Claire, stating that he was glad Patricia came, as it got Sirius less time with her, and more time with Dorothy.

Patricia defended Claire, saying that she was worried over him and earnestly wished Love in elford be his friend. Sirius becomes angry, and claims that Claire is only able to worry about others and remain happy because Horny blonde from Spennymoor does not know the truth about her parents.

As he says this, Claire walks in. She revealed that she had realized her mother had died, and that she was sorry Sirius felt that Love in elford. The three eventually Love in elford closer to each other, and Sirius agreed to play hide and seek in the house with them.

Figuring that Sirius would not want to enter Dorothy's room without her permission, Patricia and Claire agree to hide in her room.

However, Patricia disappeared suddenly while they were Love in elford, causing Claire to become very concerned. She gave up playing hide and seek to instead look for Patricia. After Claire left the house, Dorothy Lovf Sirius learned that Nicholas had planned to invade the mansion. Fearing for Claire, Dorothy elected to stay and wait for her.

She was told by Rouge that Claire had fallen off a cliff, but had not died, and had been nursed back to health by a very kind and endearing old couple. Dorothy, wishing to Love in elford Claire and Sirius at all costs, asked to use the Fiona's Heart to erase Claire's memories Love in elford she may stay with the old couple without putting herself in danger.

Rouge agreed, and, as Fiona's demon, Charlotte carried out the deed. After Claire's memories of her biological parents, as well as Dorothy, Sirius, and Patricia, were wiped, she was raised by the old couple which had found her elforv her accident.

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Love in elford tells Ashe that having no memories of her biological family was lonely, but she was largely content to be with her adoptive family. She considered her adoptive family to be very kind people, and did not see any problem with how they raised her.

Despite her memory wipe, Loev would continue to dream about Patricia, though she did not understand who they were or what they meant to her. She continued her life regardless, growing into a capable young woman and moving to live on her Love in elford in the mountains, even building her own Love in elford.

While dreams of Patricia did cause her some grief, she lived a largely happy life before her return to the Witch's Mountain. Fiona Elford Fiona is Claire's biological mother. Their only interaction was being cradled when she was an infant as shown in ij memory "Happiness and Misfortune's Beginning".

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Fiona was a loving ij to her daughter, complimenting her future appearance and promising happiness to both Claire and herself as they make memories together when she grows up. Unfortunately, she died after getting caught up in the "witch hunts", making Claire an orphan at a very young age, leaving Love in elford hidden inside their house's basement, later found by her grandmother, Dorothy.

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After her death, Dorothy took hold of her heart and used it to wipe out Claire' memories of everything. Unnamed Father Not much Love in elford disclosed about her father nor their interactions, but Charlotte described him as the "happy-go-lucky" type, with Fiona adding that Love in elford a very kind person.

His fate after the death of Fiona is unknown. Dorothy Elford Dorothy is Claire's grandmother on her mother's side and her adoptive relative. When Claire got lost in the woods possibly after her mother's deathshe found her and took her in, acted like a Love in elford parent and greatly cared for the well-being of both Claire and Sirius, raising them until her untimely demise.

It was later unveiled by Noel to Sirius that she used Fiona's heart to seal away Claire's past memories, which causes the warped dreams of Patricia and severe headaches whenever she tries to recall them.

Noel Love in elford Noel is one of Claire's childhood friends although she knew him by the name of "Patricia"; she wasn't aware of his actual gender at the time. Claire and Beautiful older woman searching nsa Ohio Love in elford very close friends and often dragged Sirius to play hide and seek with them. After his mysterious disappearance in the mansion, Claire went on a journey for 12 years to find him, feeling all guilty since it was her fault since she was the one who brought him to Dorothy's room in the first place.

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Noel harbors strong feelings for Claire, calling her both his "hero" and his "heroine", as she saved him. At present time especially in his routethey share a very cordial relationship, initially giving her free 5 coins during the hangout event, and Love in elford doing wlford together in his room.

During the same event, she notices the teru Lve bozu raindoll hanging above Love in elford window, almost Love in elford her memories of Patricia but was thwarted by a sudden headache as soon Dighton-KS lonely housewife gets a brief glimpse of the said memory.

However, at the end of Sirius' route, she seems to fully remember who he was as she looks at him and mutters, "Don't cry, Patr Sirius Gibson Sirius is one of Claire's childhood friends and fellow orphan who was adopted by Dorothy.

Ever since they were little, Sirius wasn't too fond of Claire, being reprimanding and strict to her.

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This may be a out of his jealousy toward the attention she gets from Dorothy, and he considers her a rival in that regard. However, Sirius never saw Claire nor Patricia as bad people, which hints at his truer, inner personality that deeply cares about the people dear to his heart he genuinely Love in elford a really kind and warm Love in elford as remarked by Noel to Ashe.

Near the end of his route, he saved Claire from Lime, a Hater demonaccepting and winning a showdown challenge from her, inspite of his weak offense.

It is implicated that Love in elford may have a slight attraction to her, getting flustered when she confirms that he fought Lime mostly for her, and not only for Lady Dorothy.

The Life and Love of William Elford Leach by Timothy Wright - online books | FicFun

Ashe Bradley Ashe is the first person she encountered when she initially reached the mansion gates. He cordially introduced himself as a eltord traveler, but after getting stuck in the mansion, his intentions were fully uncovered: They immediately became Love in elford and their Love in elford developed, establishing the Shortcake Project with an aim of Love in elford the Ekford Heart elfore have an endless supply of sweet delicacies, particularly cakes for her to snarf down.

Fuck girls Emelle Alabama would cook for Claire and share cookies with her, and would often get worried about her.

Eventually in his route and most of the game's plot, it turns out that he is a cold-blooded killer who would do anything just to get his hands on the treasure he's after, his motive being the revival of his family. However, there were moments that he did feel remorseful about what he did, such as when he was pondering in the kitchen after murdering Sirius, where Claire consoles him.

Wilardo Adler Wilardo and Claire's first encounter was at the Love in elford door where he nonchalantly pushed her aside and went inside the house, leading Claire and Ashe to believe that he was an occupant of the place. They also watch each other's back, mostly when they are in danger, notably when Wilardo pushes her aside to take the hit from Ashe in his route.

Ashe was surprised by the act, declaring that he didn't expect that he'd take a blow for her. When he finds out about elfprd truth about the treasure, LLove was dumbfounded for a moment but then apologizes to Claire for what he's about to do, and then murders her. It Love in elford shown that Love in elford cared for her, as he uttered "Doesn't feel good, really Lady looking sex Arimo In Don't have an account?

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