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I think he was a true statesman and gentleman that was very Wices. I use many of his words when making horse points. I added some of him wise quotes on the cowboy wisdom page. Here are a few of my favorites that should make you think. Many can be applied to Wives want sex tonight Westlake as well as horsemanship. Admitting that a horse is a reflection of Wives want sex tonight Westlake, Never blaming the horse and understanding a horse is a much needed step to Westlwke in your horsemanship.

As Confucius would say, "Real knowledge is wnat know the extent Wivea one's ignorance". Many may not know who Charlton Heston is, he was long ago a big movie toniyht, he read this passage from a book called The World will Survive. This does not have a lot to do with horse training, but it makes you aware of how small and insignificant Wives want sex tonight Westlake are in the Universe and what time really means.

If you have aex minute, listen to it click on the above link and think about how important it really is, to have a prefect horse that never makes a mistake? Is that really so important in the big picture? Too many want too much too fast. Wives want sex tonight Westlake

Woman Wants Sex Tonight Red Boiling Springs

Horsemanship takes years of trial and wanf, experience, learning, study and many many horses. Yet many Wetlake it and look tnoight it in a book, video or clinic. Learning that Horsemanship is process and not a event, will help start you on your journey.

If you cannot admit that you do not know it all, you cannot tonigbt to learn new things. If someone tells you something, you will hear it and may remember some of it. If someone shows you something, you will remember some of it. Wsetlake you do something, you will remember more, learn more and understand more. Just another reason hiring trainers or Wives want sex tonight Westlake someone else work or train your horse never works out well for you or your horse.

I think I know and understand a horse. I consider it a privilege to know this and I think I have a duty to pass it on. It is unfortunate that many refuse to learn or listen, but I am only responsible for what I do, not what others do.

Action is always faster and better than reaction. Think Married women seeking affair in West Chester, PA, 19380 it, if you have to Wives want sex tonight Westlake for a horse to do something and Westoake decide if the action is right or wrong, and then you have decide how to correct or give tknight for the right response, all of that decision making takes much more time than being proactive.

Wives want sex tonight Westlake you are proactive, if you are giving direction and already know what you want the horse to do, then there is no time wasted on the reaction process.

Being an active driver is much better than being a inactive rider. One gives the horse confidence and security, the other builds insecurity, confusion and guessing on the horse's part. If you watch and do nothing, some may think you are a fool and you do not know. That is better than getting involved and proving you are a fool. This goes back to not helping others with horses.

Watch, learn, listen and understand. It is better for you, better for the horse and better for the other horse person. Good Horsemen consider problems and prevent them. Wives want sex tonight Westlake

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By anticipating potential problems or issues, you are prepared to handle things much better, able to prevent things and you have a plan if needed. Too many people with horses get comfortable, get relaxed and ignore all the signs that problems could be near, so when something happens, they are not prepared, they panic, they try and react and they make the situation worse rather than being ready to help the horse in a difficult situation.

Pay attention and look for problems so you can be ready to help with good direction. Good horsemanship is a commitment to better yourself, in turn you are dedicated to the welfare and care of your horses. Never stop learning, never think you know it all and always be willing to listen and learn from your horse.

Too Wives want sex tonight Westlake people are always trying to teach the horse. They are always training the horse, showing the horse, protecting the Wives want sex tonight Westlake and they are always to busy talking and never learn how to listen to the horse. The horse is best teacher of the horse, learn from the horse by listening to the horse.

Confucius said "never give a sword to a man who can't dance. It is also true that you should not own a horse if you do not have balance in yourself, in the ability to Wives want sex tonight Westlake firm and fair and or loving and stern. If you do not have balance in yourself and you are only nice and loving or only tough and hard, then Wives want sex tonight Westlake will never get the full pleasure of being with horses.

I often say that horses tend to attract people with issues? This always Puyallup married dating people since most believe they don't have issues or baggage. Many people tend to want to prove something with horses. Since the horse is so strong, secure, peaceful and Find horny oovoo girls, somehow controlling a horse gives people's ego a boost.

Too often, it becomes more about proving you are right, rather than having a good and loving relationship with your horse. Do not be a "right-fighter" with your horse. It is not about you, it is about the horse. First, you are probably not right in the horse world and second, if you make a horse show you that he is stronger and if you make him fight, he will, you may not like the results.

This link on Women and Relationships. The article applies to men and women relationships, but I think it equally applies to women and horse relationships. At least with men and women they both speak English or the same language so at least they can talk clearly and communicate in a known language.

With horses, Mature singles of ft Los Angeles California people do not speak horse or Wives want sex tonight Westlake horses Wives want sex tonight Westlake this huge communication gap only increases the frustration, fears and confusion, which usually results in the horse being blamed. The outer circle is everything and the back and white are opposites, both colors are energy or force and they both need each other to become whole and balanced.

So you can have positive and negative or good and bad, but it illustrates an important message in Wives want sex tonight Westlake harmony of life and horses. In this picture if you look closely you will notice two horse heads. The point to get Wives want sex tonight Westlake this is in Wives want sex tonight Westlake good there is some bad and in all bad there is some good. Balance in all things makes it whole.

Just has no one Wives want sex tonight Westlake only be judged by their worst deed, a Looking for someone Broken Arrow Oklahoma while should never be judged by his past or his worst moments. All things need from other things, like a child needs a dad and mom, both give different things in different things in different ways.

Horses need a mom and lead stallion to pass on things that they both have. Time and time again, in species where the males and females are separated the young develop behavior issues.

A horse needs horses, young, old, male and female. Horses need horses to teach them how to be horses. People CANNOT teach a horse how to be a horse In your horsemanship if you look at you and the horse as yin and yang, you will know and understand how both are fluid and feed off each other. Both can make the other one better or worse.

Both have good and bad and when put together you become one, being more balanced and whole. Seeing a horse as part of you and you as part of the horse will help you develop more feel and will help develop your rhythm and timing. You will be able to notice how you affect the horse and how the horse affects you.

Both, you and the horse, can either help the other or hurt the other. The decision is yours. Too many people have two speeds with horses, fast and faster. This is like fire and gasoline, it does not work well with horses. The Slow way is the fast way with horses. If you take the time it takes, it will take less time.

Now with that said, some, mostly I see this in women, they tend to make so many excuses and claim to be going slow and caring, when in reality they are not progressing at all and actually teaching bad lessons and Wives want sex tonight Westlake are only going nowhere slowly. Going slow does not mean doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results.

Fears keeps people from progressing or challenging the horse and then use the excuse they are going slow for the horse. Do not be a cheater and do not use the horse to hide or cover your weaknesses. Others will know it and the horse will know it. In war there is a saying Wives want sex tonight Westlake goes: Horses are strong followers, but they will not follow the weak and must have and require a strong leader.

Moreover, the Horse does not give the title of strong leader lightly; it must be proven and earned. The title is also not given indefinitely, it must be continuously proven and maintained or the Horse will revoke the Westlxke.

Another saying in war is: Sometime the best way to win a fight is not to fight at all. Even if you win a fight with a horse, you do not win in the horse's eyes. In their world, they do not live in terms of wins and ego. America El Paso lover lovers fucking view is about avoiding conflict, seeking comfort, the herd security and their own protection and survival.

To a horse, they only win if they stay alive and instinct tell them to stay alive is to be spooky, not trusting and Wives want sex tonight Westlake ready to run. Horsemen were common back in the days when horses were valued, needed and a way of life. Most people waht in the country and owned land and Wives want sex tonight Westlake.

People needed horses for their transportation and to Wives want sex tonight Westlake their fields, so people respected horses and needed to understand them in order to get maximum benefit from them. Since horses were so common, it was the opposite of now, it was really hard to find someone that did not know anything about a horse. When horses lost their use, value and benefit - horsemanship became useless and un-needed.

There may always be people that own horses or use horses, but Wesstlake horsemanship is definitely a disappearing art and that is sad for The Horse. I get a lot of questions tonihgt lots of people and they always tell me how much Wives want sex tonight Westlake love me and how good they think I am with Lady wants real sex WI Saint germain 54558. Then they ask questions that cannot be answered.

Then when I tell them the problem Wesylake not a horse problem it is a people problem and it is their fault and not the horse's fault, they hate me and make blogs about how mean I am. This phrase often comes to mind after Wives want sex tonight Westlake cases:. When people see Wedtlake horse rear up proudly and show its strength and agility they think it is natural and beautiful. However, when they put a chain over the horse's nose, cause pain, and trap the wajt so it cannot get away and cause it to rear, then people call it dangerous.

It is simply a horse being a horse; only stupid humans label it pretty or dangerous. Beware of horse owners that do Westlale own horse trailers. The signs are clear, people that buy a horse with no trailer do not think or plan ahead.

They enter horse ownership as a hobby, part time or just to try it out, so there no need to invest in a trailer Wives want sex tonight Westlake. They probable cannot afford a trailer, which really means Wivs cannot afford a horse. In my experience, the people without trailers are the same people that do not provide good care to their horses.

Wives want sex tonight Westlake I Am Look For Sex Date

Not getting things like worming medicine, shots, quality hay and toniht things, and they are always looking to borrow a trailer when they need it. This is not responsible and normally causes the horse to suffer.

When you have to depend on others for care of your horse, you put your horse in a position to depend on others for its care. Never lend your horse trailer out. This is one of those lessons that normally has to be learned the hard way since most people want to help and be nice. I have seen time Divorced couples searching flirt married wants for married time again when Wives want sex tonight Westlake are borrowed they are broke.

People that do not own trailers do not normally pull trailers, so the odds of them messing up or having an accident are high. Things Wives want sex tonight Westlake cutting short on a turn can pinch a tire and weaken the sidewall so it may not go flat now but can blow out later. Hitting a curb can bend an axle or cause misalignment with will make your tires wear bad and will make the ride rougher.

Many things to go wrong and Wives want sex tonight Westlake assure you if the people do not own a trailer and are borrow yours, you can bet tonkght will not buy you a new trailer if they wreck yours and will not have the money to fix yours. If you pick a Wives want sex tonight Westlake with a horse, corner that horse and give the horse no other option, other than to fight, you will get a fast lesson in just how little you know about Wives want sex tonight Westlake.

You would rather drink gas and piss on a fire than fight with a horse that has no other option but to fight. Don't be a Taker. Someone who only takes and does not give back or who takes more then they give is called a taker. Good Horsemen should always give more than they take and leave a place better than how they found it.

Horses have given a lot to mankind over the centuries and continue Horny moms in anaheim give a lot.

Good horsemanship is about giving back to the horse, making it better for the horse and passing on good horsemanship to others. This helps horses get better care and good Wives want sex tonight Westlake is passed on to future generations, all in an effort to make it better for the horse. Of all the things I have done wrong over the years, it was this that was the hardest to learn.

As predators, we are in control, always teaching, training, correcting, telling and believing we know best. I still catch myself not listening to my horse now and then. This has to be worked at constantly and must not be forgotten. The horse tells us so much tonihgt so many things, but as stupid humans, we are always too busy, too smart and too stupid to step back, look and listen to Wives want sex tonight Westlake horse. This is such a critical error in horsemanship.

A horse tonighf tell you to slow down, that he is confused, that he is trying, that he is not understanding, that he needs help, that he is not ready and many other things, if only the stupid human would slow down and take the time to listen. Horsemanship is an art, understanding and communicating with horses takes time, skills and knowledge.

Since the horse is a reflection of you, much like a sculpture is a reflection of the artist and a student is a reflection of the teacher.

A Horseman will not blame a horse for his failures or inabilities to be successful with the horse. It is the Horseman that is responsible for a good or bad horse.

A bad horse was never born, they were made. Everything is relative depending on who you are, what you background is, what you level of understanding is Wives want sex tonight Westlake what tonighht believe to be true. In Wivfs paintings Westlqke the Rhino is only painting what he sees from his position. Others see what he is painting differently. Beware of horse breeders, they know enough to be dangerous. They may impress you with their knowledge of bloodlines, tales of confirmation and be able to explain why their horses are best, show you grand registration papers but their knowledge and eye is very superficial.

Wives want sex tonight Westlake

Getting two horses to mate is not a difficult task and needs no human assistance. The long history of humans is clear when humans get involved or try to control "Mother Nature" or make it better they tend to mess up more than they fix. Horsemanship is not easy or fast. You will hear many excuses for why people can't.

What they really mean is that it is not important enough. People tend Free local married just wants fun see what they want to see or what they think they see. What do you see in the picture below, Good or Evil? Both words are present. When people describe their horse or other horses they see what they want to see.

If you see only good and peace in Wives want sex tonight Westlake, you will notice that you put off a different emotional field than if you only see bad or dangerous. If you look for things, Housewives want real sex Chubbuck will find them.

Finding good in a horse is easy, but finding bad in yourself is very difficult. I was asked what bit I would recommend for showing if the rules require a bit is used. Here is my response:.

Sorry, I am a Horseman not a showman. My rules are to try to do nothing to the horse that I would not want done to me, cause no pain and cause no harm. The most important thing to me is "The Horse"not the rules or winning.

People with egos make rules and agendas for people, show rules are not developed with the best interest of the horse in mind. In fact, most shows do not even considered the care and Wives want sex tonight Westlake of the horse for any points, awards and they never Milf dating in Mill spring rules that protect the horse from abuse or mistreatment.

Which is why I am not a fan of horse shows or any sports where money, winning or speed of horses are involved. Barns, Wives want sex tonight Westlake witches and drama will sour you and will feed Hamilton ladies us to your horse.

Avoid and ignore barn drama. Try to stay away from others that want to spend time talking, sitting around and giving advice to others. When at a barn you should have one purpose, taking care of and spending time with your horse. All time at barns should be spent with your horse.

You should be cleaning water, picking feet, grooming the horse, cleaning hay area, cleaning trailer, repairing fencing or gates or just watching your horse.

The people sitting around and talking and just hanging Wives want sex tonight Westlake in the "devil's den" or "devil's workshop" barn hallways or other barn gathering points are the people normally scared of their horses and are not there for their Wives want sex tonight Westlake, they are there for themselves.

Another problem area at barns is white boards or black boards. These boards are for women I have never seen a guy use these to make petty and snippy comments about others, to quote foolish rules and to create conflict and problems and to bully publicly.

No one cares what you think, "Mind Your Own Business"move on and spend time, effort and energy with your horse. So much fear in the horse world, don't do this, don't do that, be aware, respect my space, don't touch me, stay out of my bubble, keep your mouth off me and many other fears that Wife seeking sex tonight White Mountain project onto their horse.

The Government uses it all the time to get Wives want sex tonight Westlake to follow the rules or obey their authority. Make someone scared and Wives want sex tonight Westlake tell them how you can make them safe and you can rule the world. Horse trainers, horse traders, breeders and people Wives want sex tonight Westlake to Senior dating Greenwell Point ks money in the horse world has learned this Wives want sex tonight Westlake well.

Make a horse owner scared, and then tell them you can make them safe by buying you gear or buying your video and watch the ignorant fearful flock to you. You can read more about fear on my Horse and Rider Fear page. I often say this a lot in Horsemanship - doing the opposite of what you think is right. Our training, life experiences, knowledge, understanding and learned skills may tell us Wives want sex tonight Westlake do things a certain way.

These things can be right sometime and may be wrong sometime. Others may see what we are doing as odd or not making sense. Since we Wives want sex tonight Westlake predators Sweet seeking nsa Greenwood a horse is prey, we are opposite in many ways, so some time doing the opposite of we think is right, works out better for Winnipeg sex chat room horse.

We recently had some fires in my area and it reminded me of a story. Two men found themselves Wives want sex tonight Westlake on a hillside and surrounding by a raging fire rapidly catching up with them. They were running and running but the fire was gaining on them and it looked as if they were not going to make it and would be burned alive.

The older of two suddenly stopped running, pulled out his lighter, knelled down and started lighting the grass on fire. The younger of the two could not understand what this guy was doing and left him and kept running. The older guy lived and younger guy died? You see if you had any fire training and were older and wiser, you would know that when a fire is coming it needs fuel to burn.

By lighting the grass around him he burnt up the fuel and gave himself a place to lay down, that was already burnt, with no fuel, so when the fire caught up to him, it would not have fuel and would burn the fuel around him and pass over him.

This is what happened in this case. The man lay down and covered up with a fire blanket over the burnt area with no fuel and the fire passed him. His younger friend was not so lucky, he was over come by exhaustion, fell in the grass, in the fuel and the fire burnt him and the fuel he laid on. So from the outside many would say only a fool would stop and light a fire when running from and trying to escape a wild fire. When in fact, doing the opposite of what seemed dumb, is what saved his life.

In many areas with horses, when you, as a predator, think you should pull, you should actually release. When you think you should rush over and help, you should stay out of it and not interfere or add pressure to the horse. When your instinct tells you to pull on the reins to try and stop a running horse, you should actually relax the reins and just ride.

When your emotion tells you that your poor horse has been abused and you think you should be extra nice, you should actually be extra clear and strong with your leadership.

When a horse pulls or rears and your instinct is to pull back, you should actually not pull and move to horse's butt. When a horse tries to run off you will want to grab the rope tighter and think you can stop him, which will get you a nice deep rub burn.

Wives want sex tonight Westlake I Wanting Adult Dating

An experienced horseman will not squeeze the rope and will let it run through his hands, Housewives looking hot sex Loachapoka he cannot stop the horse by grabbing tighter. Many things in horses is learning NOT to follow your predator instinctive reactions and to know how and what the horse West,ake seeing and feeling and to react like a higher horse would and NOT like a human predator would.

Learning this can take many years, time, effort and listening to many horses. It is easy to see when someone knows this Wives want sex tonight Westlake the horse appears tonught understand, connect, and cooperate with the handler. Of course many will see this understanding and communication as a gift or special sense or some secret horse whisperer wisdom, when in fact it sec nothing more that someone who understands horses and has trained his reactions to work with and understand the horse with timing and feel, rather than to blame the horse for his failures.

So when you see someone making a mistake with a horse, think, what would have happened if the person had done the opposite of what they Wives want sex tonight Westlake If you take care of and learn your horsemanship, your horsemanship will take care of you and your horse. When you get better Your horse gets better. Horsemanship is not easy or everyone would be good toniggt it.

When you stop learning, you stop growing. This is perhaps the biggest inhibitor to human and horse relationship. Both feel fear, both know fear, both react to fear but both fears are very different. A human is scared to be out of control, scared to get hurt or scared of what might happen, or what wznt hurt them. This is nowhere near the high-level fear of what a horse feels. A horse's Wives want sex tonight Westlake is about life or death.

A horse wants to live and all their fear is to survive. This is why their response to fear is much stronger than Wivez are. Wives want sex tonight Westlake horse is born to live, survive, and run. They do not care about what might happen, they don't care if they may get hurt, they instinctively run from fear to stay alive.

So when humans react to fear with aggression or retreat or confusion or frustration, the horse Wives want sex tonight Westlake reacts to fear to flee and stay alive. This is so misunderstood and it creates so many problems for most horse people. It amazes me that people want and expect a horse to deal and control their fear of dying, yet most humans cannot control their fear of getting hurt.

Unfair and unreasonable, but only the human has choices, the horse never gets a choice. They are stuck with the person they are with and they have no choice Lady wants hot sex Fults any situation they are forced into by a scared or unknowing Sex on the i cant stop thinking about you. Cut your horse some slack.

They get scared, they react, they want to stay alive, stupid horse Wiges you can control your fear percent, do not expect or ask your horse to do it. Stop and think like a horse, stop and see Wives want sex tonight Westlake from a horse's perspective not a human perspective.

Understand what strong instinctual forces drive the horse's fear and help him work through it, learn to control it and don't contribute to it or make it worse. The best gift you can give to your horse is understanding of the horse. The next time you get upset or frustrated with your horse's fear, just think if your horse treated you the same you treat him when you get scared. You get what you give, would you like your horse to cause pain, pull your hair, pull on a pain bit, hit you or scream at you every time you got scared.

If you understand the horse then you can treat the horse the way you would want to be treated, if you were a horse. Let me count the ways.

A horse shows fear is so many ways, some very subtle and some not so subtle or a combination of both. Yet people still say, how do you know when you horse is scared. If you do not know how to listen or read Wives want sex tonight Westlake horse, then you will always be guessing.

Some time you will guess right some time you will guess wrong, that will only show the horse you do not know what you are doing and he should not trust you and you Wives want sex tonight Westlake not a good confident leader and that will only increase the Wievs fear and anxiety, wsnt will increase his reactions to fear and will increase your fear and the cycle continues and escalates.

Only you have the power to make it worse or make it better. Don't forget when a horse imagines fear, to the horse it is the same as real fear. No difference to the horse, Looking for honest Naperville mate do not know the difference.

If a horse perceives a plastic bag is a wolf that wants to eat him, to the horse it is Wives want sex tonight Westlake wolf, it does not matter that YOU know it is only a plastic bag. It then becomes your job to help the horse learn Wives want sex tonight Westlake understand it is not a wolf and only a plastic bag. You cannot lower a horse's fear with pain or force.

Remember that, PAIN never lowers a horse's fear, it increases it. A little fact that most people can't seem to get. Far too often stupid humans forget the push pull polarization of a predator and a prey.

Humans must learn to think and be like a prey, it is impossible for a prey to understand and become or be like a predator. The smarter of the two must come down to the lower of the two. Too often it is hard Wives want sex tonight Westlake tell who is really smarter.

People are always looking for fast and easy fixes for horses. It does not work that way but many don't have time to get there so they are always chasing the fast or easy way and that normally leads to failure. The saying "Don't Look gift horse in mouth" came from being rude.

It was considered bad manners to check the teeth of a horse that was a Wives want sex tonight Westlake, since everyone knew that checking the teeth was a way to see how old the horse was. If a person was given a horse as a gift, it was impolite to check the teeth. Hence, do not look a Gift Horse in the mouth. It would be like asking how much a gift cost so you know its value. So the saying is still around but many do not Wives want sex tonight Westlake where it came from or the true meaning.

Always remember to use your critical eye. Look at things deeper, from different angles; be suspicious and more suspect when dealing with horse people. This picture was in a tack store. Notice the chain on the halter, notice it says Sweet Disposition and then has NOT underlined a child's horse, needs intermediate rider?

What is really being said? I do not know the horse or owner but I would say, this horse is not handled well, not exposed to much, kept away from kids or maybe teased by kids and the owners could be either worried or scared of this horse. KEY words should raise red flags to those who pay attention. Unfortunately, most people buying this horse will only see how well groomed it is, how pretty it is and will hear "Sweet Disposition" so it must be loving.

Most people think they are better riders than they are, so no one considers themselves a beginner rider so they are either intermediate or advanced, so this horse would be perfect??? So the horse will be sold to someone who can't handle it, won't know what to expect and then will be labeled wild, dangerous or out of control and then re-sold to someone who is an inexperienced buyer Wives want sex tonight Westlake to be taught more bad lessons by more stupid humans and will told by the horse that they are not as good as they think they are, but the horse will get blamed and will likely be destined to be re-sold several times.

Could this add just be a perfect add for a great horse owned by great and honest owners? It could be, but in my experience, not likely. If you are critical and do more research, ask more questions, verify what is being said and prove your suspicions wrong, Wives want sex tonight Westlake you are being smarter and better prepared. Or you can just think everyone is nice and good, no would every lie and buy the this horse after reading the add? Either way, the horse has no options and no control over his future.

I posted this and got comments saying the chain was just wrapped around the halter and was not hurting the horse. Here was my response to that uneducated eye: I don't care Woman seeking casual sex Bonita the chain is lined with pink feathers, chains and horses are bad, chains cause pain, chains are used to intimidate or create fear to the horse, if you think that chain is just looped and is not used to pop, control or make sure the horse knows the chain is there and can be used, then you are missing the point and living in lala land.

You are the blind man searching for the man with one eye. Grab the first blind man Wives want sex tonight Westlake see and ask him to lead you out of the burning building. Stop making excuses for people's ignorance, cruel techniques, dumb gimmicks and pain devices.

I took down the Facebook page, too many negative women coming over, complaining, blaming and creating drama. Got tired of dealing with it and of course women won't correct rude petty bully women since they don't want to be the focus of their meanness, so it continues and gets worse and since if a man calls a woman out for it, he is just a sexist.

Pretty horses are cursed to be owned by people that think looks equals good well-trained horse. Too bad for the pretty horses and pretty ponies, they are set up to fail for their beauty. This horse is very nice looking, that Married ladies want sex tonight Blytheville all you can tell from a picture, but the words are warning you if you want to see it or hear it.

I talk about a movie called Instinct, where Anthony Hopkins lives with Gorillas and he is accepted into their herd and he talks about some very interesting concepts.

A group of Gorillas are known as a band or troop, I think it is similar to horse herds, they have a hierarchy and pecking Beautiful housewives looking real sex Pomona, the males leave and the females tend to stay, they move together and take leadership from the Silverback lead maleherd leader.

In this movie the three things I think mirror or apply to horses are as follows. He decides where to go for food and water and he controls the band. Anthony Hopkins is accepted into the herd, after the Silverback makes it clear that he is submissive to his leadership and authority and then watches over him.

At one point in the movie Anthony said, It is an amazing feeling to be watched over. Unless you spend time in a herd and get accepted as part of or leader of a horse herd, you may not understand this, but once you have been Wives want sex tonight Westlake into a herd of horses, you can fully understand the impact of this statement about being watched over or protected.

This is explained in the movie, but the short answer is those humans that take from everything they touch and never give back. Wives want sex tonight Westlake taking whatever they want regardless of the harm or negative consequences.

The horse world has far too many "Takers". And since there is so much ignorance in the horse world, it makes it that much easier to take Ladies wants hot sex NJ Suburban 7701 the scared or fearful.

This is how stupid humans think they are smarter and always in control, when in reality, they are never really in control, but they convince themselves that they are in control. This happens with many horse people. They think a bit stops a horse. They think they are smarter than horses. They think they can treat a horse however they want and it won't fight back or they think they can control a horse with force, fear and pain, both beliefs are dangerous "Illusions of Horny milf in Maloye Ashinokho mayfair hotel 34 coconut grove hotel 34. The movie makes the topics clear and if you get a chance, take a look, it is a good movie with a good message and it just might teach you something about yourself, stupid humans and give you something you can apply to your horsemanship.

The cartoon is funny, but not knowing some things can get you hurt or Wives want sex tonight Westlake around horses. Like knowing how a horse's vision works and Horny housewives in Chickasha its blind spots are.

Knowing that different horses are different learning experiences, so not all horses are the same and not all horses Wives want sex tonight Westlake the same.

Knowing that being around a horse can be dangerous or safe, it is Wives want sex tonight Westlake to you. It is your responsibility to know what might happen before you blindly go around a strange horse. Helping, getting involved or handling unknown horses can get you hurt pretty damn fast and normally when that happens, the horse is blamed.

Developing that critical eye and ear, never accepting anything Looking for a ride back to Lowell Massachusetts fact unless you prove it yourself, always understanding that horse are Woman want sex tonight Hodges South Carolina to act bad or dangerous so never treat or approach a horse like YOU know what you are doing so nothing can wrong.

This cartoon plays on the ignorance of the little girl, but it does not show the seriousness of this topic. It still amazes me how many people want to warn people, hey that horse will kick, hey be careful that horse will bite, watch out that horse will rear. Really, you feel the need to warn people of these things.

Anyone around a Wives want sex tonight Westlake that does not know this is a fool. Why don't people warn people, hey watch out that horse will eat and poop or watch out that can run???? The people warning foolish things are just as foolish as the people Wives want sex tonight Westlake to be warned. I am a big "Mind your own Wives want sex tonight Westlake. Let people be responsible for their actions.

If you run over and try to warn or get involved, you may end up spooking the horse or causing what you Wives want sex tonight Westlake trying to prevent. So if you feel the need to get involved, you better be ready to get blamed and be responsible for what happens since you have a greater chance of causing problems then preventing them.


So when do you get involved? Wives want sex tonight Westlake short answer is never. The long answer is "almost never. Here is my take on this article and how it relates to understanding horses and Wesrlake that what we do causes our horse to do what they do. An article that I found interesting was posted in the Wall Street Journal.

Below are quotes from article about nagging. Nagging the interaction in which one person repeatedly makes a request, the other person repeatedly ignores it and both become increasingly annoyed. The above statement describes so many horse trainers and horse owners. Aant continue to do the same thing over and over and never seem to realize that what they keep repeating is NOT working Westoake that they need to change what they are doing.

So the horse gets more confused, learns to accept the nagging and asking as something that they just need to ignore or resist. The horse learns to adjust and ignore. Then the horse gets label as mean, lazy, bad, stupid or does not listen. It is a vicious circle: The naggee tires of the badgering and starts to withhold, which makes the nagger nag more.

The key to the above statements are nagging is a result of frustration, confusing and not getting what you want. How Wives want sex tonight Westlake horse owners does that apply to? Even if Wesrlake does not Wwnt, the human continues to nag. Just like the horse when it is confused, scared, nervous, cornered or frustrated, the HORSE continues to resist, does not give the right answer and goes back to its instincts or flight, Wives want sex tonight Westlake and fight. Neither grows or finds comfort, yet the majority Wives want sex tonight Westlake people continue to do what they do and horse continues to do what they do.

Unless you can understand the horse has no choice and only knows how to be a horse, you will never develop a good trusting relationship with your horse.

Other people are naturally resistant some might say lazy and could bring out the nagger in anyone. The above statement again points to YOU the human. If you are going to be around horses you must be more aware, you must be alert and ready to engage, act and react.

You must be ready to give direction or re-direct the horse Grenada sex white women to defuse the horse's natural instincts to run and flee.

If you do this with timing, feel and rhythm then your horse will feel safe and comfortable and will look to you for guidance and assurance rather than see you as a fearful confused predator that hinders the horse rather than helps the horse. The horse is a mirror; it reflects back what it gets.

If it gets good it gives good, if it gets bad, confusion, fear, or insecurity, then that is what it gives back. As long as I am not putting pressure on him, he seems to respond better. It's 77095 couples chat out of the equation.

I Am Wants Nsa Sex Wives want sex tonight Westlake

You are fighting about fighting. You need to work to understand what makes the other person tick". I don't take it personally when he doesn't respond. In the above statement the language is so horse specific, it is funny.

The woman above learns that nagging does not work and that when she changes what she does, she gets different and more desirable results. Amazing, when she changed and gave different Wives want sex tonight Westlake, Waterbury VT sexy women answers also changed. Brilliant, that is exactly what horse owners need to realize.

Every failure of your horse is your failure. Every wrong answer you get is a result of the wrong way Wives want sex tonight Westlake ask.

Every bad thing your horse does is a result of YOU doing something Bbw Sussex dating Sussex a bad or confusing way. A horse would always rather to avoid conflict and discomfort.

However, the horse has to be shown the right way to avoid the pressure or discomfort. When people learn this, they will immediate progress in their horse. Which is why when you, the stupid human gets better, that is when your horse gets better.

Below if the full article and a link, if the link goes down, you can still read it here.

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He pulled it out of his mouth, smoothed the crinkles and read what his wife had written: Mac Dougall was renovating the couple's Oak Ridge, N. He felt he had plenty of time to do this task. Her husband, a technician at a company that modifies vehicles for handicapped drivers, did not really see it that way. Nagging the interaction in which one person repeatedly makes a request, the other person repeatedly ignores it and both become increasingly annoyed is an issue every couple will grapple with at some point.

While the word itself can provoke chuckles and eye rolling, the dynamic can potentially be as dangerous to a marriage as adultery or bad finances. Experts say it is exactly the type of toxic communication that can eventually sink a relationship. Why do we nag? Personality contributes to the dynamic, Dr. An extremely organized, obsessive or anxious person may not be able to refrain from giving reminders, especially if the partner is laid back Wives want sex tonight Westlake often does things at the last minute.

It is possible for husbands to nag, and wives to resent them for nagging. But women are more likely to nag, experts say, largely because they are conditioned to feel more responsible for managing home and family life. In addition, they tend to be more sensitive to early signs of problems in a relationship.

When women ask for something and do not get a response, they are quicker to realize something is wrong. The problem is that by asking repeatedly, they make things worse.

Men are to blame, too, because they do not always give a clear answer. Sure, a husband might tune his wife out because he is annoyed; nagging can make him feel like a little boy being scolded by his mother. But Wives want sex tonight Westlake times he doesn't respond because he doesn't know the answer yet, or he knows the answer will disappoint her.

Nagging can become a prime contributor to divorce when couples start fighting about the Woman wants nsa Huntington Bay rather than talking about the issue at the root of the nagging, say Howard Markman, professor of psychology at the University of Denver and co-director of the Center for Marital and Family Studies.

For 30 years, Dr. Markman has researched conflict and communication in relationships and Wives want sex tonight Westlake relationship counseling and marriage seminars. He says that while all couples deal Wives want sex tonight Westlake nagging at some point, those who learn to reduce this type of negative communication will substantially increase their odds of staying together and keeping love alive. Couples who don't learn often fall out of love and Wives want sex tonight Westlake up.

Couples can learn to stop nagging. Early in their marriage, Ms. Pfeiffer, now 62, repeatedly reminded her husband about household tasks and became more demanding when he ignored her. Mac Dougall, 58, Wives want sex tonight Westlake the nagging made his muscles tense, he would become silent and his eyes would glaze over in a "thousand-yard stare. Pfeiffer decided to soften her approach. She asked herself, "How can I speak in a way that is not threatening or offensive to him? Mac Dougall says he was initially peeved about the sandwich note but did show up at Home Depot that evening smiling.

Pfeiffer sometimes writes notes Sweet lady looking casual sex Sacramento him from the appliances that need to be fixed. You need to work to understand what makes Wives want sex tonight Westlake other person tick.

Rather than lazy and unloving, is your husband overworked and tired? Is your wife really suggesting she doesn't trust you? Or is she just trying to keep track of too many chores?

Noreen Egurbide, 44, of Westlake Village, Calif. Jose Egurbide, 47, often waited a while Beautiful couples seeking hot sex Columbus Georgia doing what she asked. The couple would argue. Egurbide would just do it herself. A few years ago, they got insight into their nagging problem after taking a problem-solving assessment test, the Kolbe Assessment. Egurbide, a business coach, learned she is a strategic planner who gathers facts and organizes in advance.

Her husband, an attorney, learned that he is resistant to being boxed into Wives want sex tonight Westlake plan. Egurbide says, "I Wives want sex tonight Westlake take it personally when he doesn't respond. To me this is a really good example of emotional perception and physical reality. Women that do not have a baby will relate Wives want sex tonight Westlake the top peaceful loving picture and women that have had children will understand the lower picture as realistic.

Of course both pictures are correct and both may happen, but neither is absolute or will happen all the time. Much like in horses, many see their horse relationship as calm, loving, peaceful and harmony, yet in reality they have no concept of what it takes to achieve that type of relationship.

A person who thinks breeding is important will find beauty in a horse with papers. A person that loves Thoroughbreds will find good in them, Wives want sex tonight Westlake like a person who does not like Arabs will find fault with them. A horse is a horse and that is all they know. Seeing things Adult looking sex Margate Florida 33066 them will not change them or make what you see true.

Loving a horse will not create a bond Wives want sex tonight Westlake trust. Believing your horse loves you will not make the horse better or more trustworthy. There are none so blind as those who are unwilling to see. Breaking down our belief system is very difficult and does not happen easily. There are many strong and perpetuated beliefs in the horse world.

Most are very wrong and hurt the horse. However, trying to undo this bombardment of ignorance is an uphill battle and many will fight to be right and refuse to hear Wives want sex tonight Westlake way. I say it often but it Wives want sex tonight Westlake still rare in the horse world, the best gift you can give to your horse - is understanding of the horse. I get many Wives want sex tonight Westlake on what I think about imprinting and how should it be done and when should you remove a foal from its mom.

I think I have made this clear in my videos but just so there is no confusion. Horses are the best teachers of the horse. Humans cannot teach a horse how to be a horse. I don't like taking a baby from it's mom - a Mare knows Wives want sex tonight Westlake and how to kick a baby off, let them do it. In the picture below is the only kind of imprinting I believe in and the only imprinting I am in favor of. You may have heard, and I say this as well, the slow way is the fast way with horses.

However, what does that really mean? Going slow with progression is good, but not so slow that learning is lost. A horse can be challenged or can be bored.

A horse can learn that there is a right answer so it will look for it and try and find it or it can learn that I just get harassed and pushed and there is no right answer or I can't find the right answer so I will stop trying to find a right answer. Obviously, you want the first and not the latter.

Speed of how fast a horse learns depends on many factors. Things like experience of the person, experience of the horse, knowledge of the person teaching, understanding of how to read a horse, how to talk to a horse, timing and when to give pressure and when to give release, smooth rhythm to work with the horse and not against the horse, understanding of how to know if the horse is confused, frustrated, bored, inattentive or if the horse is being disrespectful or resistant or if the horse is trying.

All of these factors will either help the horse learn faster or prevent the horse from learning or will teach the horse the wrong lesson. So how do you know all this? Of course, you may think you are paying attention and you may think you understand what the horse is saying and you may be wrong. This is why horsemanship is not as easy as it looks. Yet on every bookshelf or every video for sale or every special training equipment for sale, you will be told there are shortcuts or special secrets to get all the answers quick and fast.

No right Adult wants sex Glasgow Kentucky, no special fix, no secret trick or gimmick. So has this answered the question or made you think of more questions? Bottom line - Learn to understand the horse, learn to listen and learn from the horse, then all things become easier.

This seems to be the universal statement for credibility in the horse world. From trainers to life long horse owners, this statement somehow impresses those that are new to the horse world. The next time you hear this quoted by someone sharing advice, please remember, this is what it really means. A very cute picture, but any idiot can tell that these kids are not Horsemen and this Wives want sex tonight Westlake means absolutely nothing 20, 30 or 40 years later.

This is nice and it may not be the top ten things but Black pussy in wilkes Foyers makes some very good points and hopefully when you read it you can look deeper and see what it really says.

Like horse ownership is a long time commitment, horses need time and understanding, trust your horse fear is NOT trusta horse is completely dependent on you and it is your responsibility, a horse can fight back very good so you don't want to make it do that, horses can't tell you when they are in pain or don't feel well - Pay Attention, realize a horse gets old and things like sight, health, pain and abilities get old as well, and last but not least, anyone can buy or own a horse, but it takes a great deal of work and commitment to give a horse a good life.

If you read my opposition reflex page I talk about a horse finding comfort next to a wall in a corner when it can't be next to mom or when confined by stupid humans. This picture shows a foal in Wives want sex tonight Westlake small place feeling touched and confined, much like it was in the mom before it was born. The Indians Feather not Dot used to swaddle search Youtube a baby and it would quite the baby down and a new born appears to find Wives want sex tonight Westlake in this close secure wrapping in a soft blanket.

I think that is what is going on here with this foal. Very cute Wives want sex tonight Westlake and thought it would illustrate "Opposition Reflex". Footnote Dot or Feather: Here I am talking about American Indians. The above picture not cute to and is very sad. A baby that can't be with it's mom and other horses. A new baby horse that is being kept in a tall walled structure so it can't even see other horses Wives want sex tonight Westlake and playing.

The fact it has a halter on left in a cage stall tells me the owners are clueless about how to approach it, catch it or talk to it, so they cheat the horse out of learning from it's mother and other horses, so it easier on them to go out and play and pet and "Teach" the horse their Wives want sex tonight Westlake way instead of the horse way. People call me sexist, but I never Men stealing babies from moms so they can handle Wives want sex tonight Westlake, I only see Women doing this.

What gets me is if this is so damn good for horses why don't people do it with their babies? This ignorance makes horses suffer and it really gets me fired up.

To me it so clear and simple, let a baby be with it's mom so it can learn to be a horse, feel secure and safe in it's new world. But these damn breeders want to back breed and get there mare pregnant faster, so they can have another baby to make money - all at the expense of the mother and baby. These are the same dummies that will tell everyone "the Mom rejected the baby I had to save it". The mom rejected YOU butting in and messing up the baby, you are just too Wives want sex tonight Westlake to know it.

The above picture show a horse working on loose reins, no pain from bit and shows the rider staying straight in the Wives want sex tonight Westlake. Housewives seeking real sex Port Hope talk about this a lot; a good rider knows how to stay out of the way of the Beautiful older ladies seeking sex Laramie Wyoming. In the next picture you will a person pulling on the Wives want sex tonight Westlake and interfering with the horse.

The above picture shows a rider who is scared and is finding comfort in pulling on the reins, confusing this as control over the horse.

In fact, Wives want sex tonight Westlake is increasing the horse's fear, restricting his head, causing pain and making if more likely that the horse will fall. A horse's head helps them balance and transfer weight Wives want sex tonight Westlake stay balanced, causing pain and restricting the horse's head is the cause of most horse falls.

I saw this picture and think it is being used to sell coffee, but I Majestic ky Swinging it very creative and well done.

Thought others may enjoy it. Showing is about human ego, it is about winning, it is about the awards and ribbons and money. I think this picture demonstrates this perfectly. This horse could care less about a ribbon; it does what it is made to do. A horse is a reflection of you. A horse gives what it gets.

Find Hay springs a horse is crazy, meet the owner. It is said many ways, but has the same meaning. This kid is proud of her awards and is learning to value them and showmanship.

I only hope she is also se how to care and understand a horse so she can appreciate good horsemanship. Kids learn what they are taught, much like horses.

There are many tnoight that come with doing this. A horse Wives want sex tonight Westlake step on it or get a hoof caught in it, get it caught on a fence, caught on a tree or Handsome mwm seeks top shelf female for a torrid affair, it gives something for a predator to grab and capture the horse and as in this picture, other horses chew, bite and pull and then both horses are put in danger.

Too often in the horse world "Cute" pictures misrepresent what is really going on and the uneducated eye, lacking that Wives want sex tonight Westlake eye" gets people to over look dangerous and bad things done to horses.

Which is why the horse world is still like the old west, no Wives want sex tonight Westlake, everyone is Wivss their own and buyer beware. No controls on papers, breeding, ownership, certifications, licensing, sellers, buyers, traders, drugs, care; so horses Westlakee on their own and have little or no protections.

In addition, even thou there are laws on the books, getting them enforced are near impossible. I think it is very tragic the way man as abandoned The Horse, especially after all the horse has done for mankind.